Violinist and music director Balabhaskar Passes Away

Well known violinist and music director Balabhaskar (40), who was critically injured in a car accident passed away at a hospital in Thiruvanathapuram on Tuesday October 2. Balabhaskar, his wife Lakshmi (38), their daughter Tejaswini and driver Arjun (29) met with an accident near Pallipuram CRPF Camp junction on Sept 25 early morning. Their daughter Tejaswini Bala (1½) died in the accident.


They were returning from Thrissur after a visit to Vadakkumnathan Temple there to offer their obeisance for their daughter. Tejaswini was born to her parent after 16 years of their marriage.


They were travelling in a car and the accident is said to have occurred when Arjun who was in the driver’s seat suddenly fell into sleep and the car crashed against a tree. Balabhaskar had grievous injuries to his brain, neck, backbone and chest. He and daughter were in the front seat. Though police took them to hospital immediately, doctors could not save Tejaswini. Tejaswini was cremated on Sept 27 at the premises of Lakshmi’s house in Vattiyurkavu. Lakshmi had several fractures and Balabhaskar had two surgeries but succumbed to his injuries later. The Doctors treating him said they were working overtime to ensure his recovery but could not succeed.


A very popular face on stage and television events Balabhaskar has directed music for a number of films and albums. He was one of the first person in popularizing the electric violin among youngsters in Kerala and making it the main event on stage shows.


Born to K S Unni and B. Santhakumari, Balabhaskar began his music studies under his uncle B Sasikumar at an early age of 3 and performed live on stage for the first time at the age of 12. Couple of years later he debuted in Malayalam cinema as a music director. He had won several awards for his solo violin performance during his college days. Ninakkayi and Aadyamayi were the most popular albums to his credit.

Music lovers, politicians and his friends united in their grief on social media and other media after the news of his untimely death. 

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