M G Radhakrishnan remembered

The admirers of Late M G Radhakrishnan, a leading rationalist of yester years organised literary debate in his memory. According to IPTA President G Viswanathan, literature is falsehood and the aim is to reach the truth.  Former convenor of Sahityavedi Wilson Kuriakose differed to this view and said that the literature is based on truth.  Santhosh Pallassana emphasised that all literature is not falsehood.

Mathew Thomas, member of Loka Kerala Sabha, pointed out the danger of religions using political ideology for survival. Manasi presented a special paper before the meet. On account of political reasons, religion is targeting the literature and this would result in loss of intellectual and social aspects of the society, she argued. Nishant Radhakrishnan in his talk suggested that to draw the new generation to rationalism new methods should be devised.

Wife, son and members of the family of MG Radhakrishnan were present in the meeting. Moderator Rajendran remarked that the rationalism is gaining relevance in the new age. Many persons who worked with M G Radhakrishnan shared their views with the audience. A draft copy of ‘Ennu NInte MGR’ written by Shaji K was distributed during the event.

Playwright Vinayan, Balakurup, G BS Pillay, P Viswanathan and Babu PD also spoke. The event was organised as part of the popularisation of Rationalism.

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