LIFT – A short film created in two hours

The inspiration to create a short film LIFT came from the press release of the state government that about 7500 children were lost from the state during the last five years. The film was made with the intention of making the public aware of this great malady.

Well known director and Chairman cum CEO of Aries Group Sohan Roy released the film on YouTube. Within hours the film drew huge appreciation. In his address, Sohan Roy stated that movies like ‘Lift’ deserved recognition and encouragement from the government as they bring about a lot of awareness among the people. The movies should be exhibited in schools and colleges for wide awareness, he added.

Akhil Kottathala directed this film whose screenplay also was written by him. The movie was shot and completed in two hours. Media activist and actor Mukesh M Nair and his daughter Swati acted in important roles.

The movie depicts the fate of school children who seek lift from unknown car drivers and how they become victims of kidnapping and also reach the begging and body parts transplant mafia. Often the children wave their hands to stop the cars in the presence of teachers and policemen but the indifferent attitude of the latter fails to arrest of the tragedy. 

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