Gurudevagiri gets ready to welcome Karkatam

Gurudevagiri is getting ready to welcome Karkatam month with elaborate arrangements. Since Karkata Vavu is falling on July 23, devotees will have elaborate facilities to do their rituals on that day from 5.30 am to 11 am. Tila Havanam will be at 11 am.

Arrangements are being made to stay overnight for devotees coming from distant places. Tokens are being distributed to devotees and devotees will have their turns according to the token number. For a bath in the pond after the ritual, a special pond is being made in the premises itself for the devotees. They will also be served breakfast after rituals.

Ramayana Masam will commence from July 17 and since then, each day will witness Mahaganapathy Homam, Bhagavathi Seva, special offerings, Ramayanam recitation etc.Mahamrityunjaya Homam will be on July 30 and Savaishwarya pooja on Aug 13. For details, dial 2771 8280 or 2772 4095.

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