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Mavelikara Radhakrishnan is popular among Mumbai Malayalees for his performance of Thullal Koothu, a new art form developed by him, combining Ottam Thullal and Chakyar Koothu.Radhakrishnan's dream is to revive Villu Pattu with a modern touch. He is hopeful that this art form also will be brought to the stage very soon.

Mavelikara Radhakrishnan is known among Ayyappa devotees in Mumbai, pilgrims to Sabarimala, members of socio-cultural groups and above all lovers of Thullal Koothu.Thullal Koothu is a new art form developed by him combining Ottam Thullal and Chakyar Koothu. Soon after shifting his base to Airoli from Kanjur Marg in1989, he along with a few Ayyappa devotees constituted a committee and started conducting Bhajans in the homes of the members. In due course, an Ayyappa temple came up under the aegis of the Shree Ayyappa Seva Samithi, Airoli. He compose Bhajans for reciting at the temple which has been brought out as a cassette in 1996 titled Pavithradhaara. Playback singers Jayachandran, Unni Menon and Radhikha Thilak Subscribe to our magazine for reading further. 

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