Heroin of Bombay Malayalam Theatre

Mary Paul was a popular drama actress of Bombay and the audience loved her for her performance. The trophies and awards once filled her drawing room out now many of them were lost. But she vividly remembers the first Nrityasindu Award presented to her along with V V Achuthan, by K D Chandran's Fine Arts organization Nrityasindu.

Mary, a chirpy student of Std IX, returning home along with her classmates after the school hours, reminiscing and discussing the events of the day and the day to come, met a neighbour on the way. He asked her to rush home as someone has come there to meet her. Thinking who it could be and why, she rushed only to see so many pairs of foot wear but one in the living room. There were several voices of serious discussions, laughter etc. Coming from upstairs. She could hear the voice of her father too among several other strange voices. She was about to go up when her uncle came down and asked her to remain downstairs. She wondered if her father bought the boy with him as he had promised to bring him so that both the boy and girl could see each other. Then a young man came down and sat on a chair. As Mary was curious to see the boy, she did not pay much attention to him. After a few minutes, that man went up. Mary was Subscribe to our magazine for reading further......

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