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Published by Vibrant Printing & Publishing Pvt. Ltd., Kerala in Mumbai is dedicated to the Malayalee population of Mumbai and its neighbouring towns, up to Badlapur, Panvel and Vasai. It is published in English, considering the vast younger generation, not proficient enough to read and comprehend Malayalam and also the nuances of Malayalam language.

Vibrant Printing & Publishing Managing Director P V Vijay Kumar is also the Managing Editor while K V Satyanath is the Executive Editor and Lakshmi Venkatachalam is the Feature Editor. Other contributors include K R Narayanan, V N Gopalakrishnan, Sriprakash Menon,Dr.Sujata Nair,K.Padmakumar,Dr.Nalini Janardhanan and several others. 

Over the last eight decades as Malayalees came to Mumbai for employment and business, or in transit, there has been a growing alienation from traditional Malayalee ethos, manifest in succeeding generations. Realizing the growing alienation of these migrants from Kerala and wishing to draw them back to their roots, KERALA IN MUMBAI devotes itself to provide them information and knowledge of Malayalee culture, traditions, rites and rituals, festivals and trends in various walks of life.

KERALA IN MUMBAI seeks to highlight unknown and unreported instances of exemplary social service, humanitarian activities and achievements of malayalees in any walk of life. There are countless Malayalees in Mumbai who are working hard to uplift their less fortunate brothers and sisters through their social work. They extend helping hands in their individual capacities or through their Malayalee Samajams to all deserving people.

We have regular columns highlighting success stories of unknown Malayalees who came to Mumbai years ago to earn a living but are now  very successful businessmen whose stories are an inspiration to the younger generation. It also features young Malayalee entrepreneurs who show promise of becoming experts in their chosen fields.

Kerala has a rich cultural tradition and every month the magazine highlights a Mumbai Malayalee artiste, either a singer, dancer, actor or any other artistic person. Promising young talents are showcased to give them exposure and thus encourage them.

 KERALA IN MUMBAI aims to become a household name in all Malayalee houses of Mumbai. It has therefore regular classified columns guiding the readers on Malayalee shops, hotels, etc in the metropolis, train schedules, list of hospitals etc. It has a regular matrimonial column to help young boys and girls find their prospective partners.

The magazine gives the latest news of Mumbai Malayalee happenings through its most popular ‘Mumbai News Digest’ and an update on Malayalam film and TV news through its Movie World columns. A peep into the past is provided through the regular ‘Makers of Modern Kerala’ column. It covered extensive features, running for several months, on well known Malayalam litterateurs, districts of Kerala and the  Malayalee presence in the suburbs of Mumbai and other such topics.

KERALA IN MUMBAI strives to create a platform for the Mumbai Malayalee where he/ she can connect with Kerala and at the same time stay tuned to the Malayalee events in the city and its suburbs. There are regular articles on Malayalee places of worship and activities of Malayalee Samajams. 

In a nutshell the magazine has a page for all members in a Malayalee family - both elders and youngsters. It strives in every way to be truly a mini ‘Kerala’ in ‘Mumbai’ through its colourful pages.

KERALA IN MUMBAI seeks to draw the best out of every reader, enthuse and motivate him or her to realize his/her origins and do what he/she can do to enrich it in his/her own way.
Kerala In Mumbai strives to uphold the highest standards of ethics of journalism, promote a modern, progressive and scientific outlook in all that is published in these columns.

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            Mr.K.V.Satyanath                                                         Ms. Lakshmi Venkatachalam

Our Feature Writers


            Dr.Sujata Nair            V.N.Gopalakrishnan                         K.R.Narayanan


      K.Padmakumar                      Dr.Nalini Janardhanan                          Sriprakash Menon


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